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Patrons can send request to check availability of required e-book through email.

Help Desks

A help desk has been set up to provide in-depth reference and research support. Users can lodge queries through telephone (04299046071) and e-mail ( Help Desk No. 04299046071

Circulation Services

The library offers active lending services to its patrons. A state-of-the-art system has been deployed in the library to keep users updated with the status of their transactions through regular renewal and overdue reminders.


The library has a WiFi hot spot. Patrons can use any device with a built-in wireless adaptor to avail this service.

Inter Library Loan

The library facilitates to the visitors in case of non-availability of books by arranging from other libraries.

Reference Books

Huge No. of reference books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, yearbooks, atlases and bibliographies are available in library for use of  the students, Research Associates etc.

Research Support Services

The library facilitates its patrons for searching of relevant literature and supporting documents.

Information Literacy Programs and Management Services

The library provides instructional programs to patrons’ for maximum usage of library resources and services. These include orientation programmes, hands-on trainings,     in-class sessions, workshops and seminars on various instructional, research tools like Turnitin, Endnote, SPSS, and also on the use of various electronic databases.

Press Clipping and Media Monitoring Service

Newspapers and other media resources are observed regularly to find out the ITU related news which are emailed to the quarter concerned up to 9:00 A.M. daily.

Plagiarism Management Services

The library facilitates ITU faculty, students, visitors and researchers to check plagiarism through management software such as Turnitin.

Service of Citations / Bibliographies

The library facilitates researchers, faculty members and students of the university for managing their citations/bibliographies by using tools i.e. End Note, Ref Works, Mendeley and Zotero.

Web Content Filters

ITU Library provides Internet access within the premises.  The patrons receive filtered web contents for making assignments, projects etc.

Document Delivery Service

The electronic document delivery service is being given to the Faculty Members, Research Associates, students etc for sharing of international electronic documents. Patrons can write to us at: ( for this purpose.

On Line Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) of ITU

We are pleased to share that all Library systems and resources are accessible through online Public Access Catalogue on campus and remotely through VPN.

Uploading of books into DSpace e-book System

About 13000 No. of digital books have been uploaded which is being used by the Students, Research Associates, faculty members etc. The process of uploading is still continue.

Downloading of Articles, Books,  Research Papers etc.

Articles, books, research papers etc. desired by Research Associates, Students, Faculty members etc. have been downloaded for their use  when required.

Shelving of Books

The hardbound books available in the library which are  taken out the from the shelves by visitors the same are re-shelved in racks orderly twice a day.

Provision Duplicate Books / Notes and Printing Facility

Students, Research Associates, faculty members are being provided duplicate books and notes. They use library printer for taking hard copy of notes / relevant documents.

Books Quality Vs Demand

It has been given attention to areas of the collection that circulated well. More copies of bestsellers have been purchased under the supervision of Chief Librarian as he is an expert in choosing good books and have tools such as professional reviews.