Rules & Regulations

Readers and members shall not damage, mark or write upon any book, periodical, nor shall hey trace or perform mechanical reproduction of any material belonging to the Library Without written permission of the chief librarian. Readers and members who violate this Regulation shall be required to pay the fine imposed by the chief librarian or to replace the damaged material, or to pay its price as determined by the chief librarian. If one volume of a set is injured and it is not available separately, the whole set shall have to be replaced or paid for. A damaged book or set, which has been replaced or paid for by a Borrower, shall become his property.

  • Borrowers and readers are advised to inspect books at the time of issue and to call the Attention of the Circulation Librarian to any defects.
  • Leave your personal belongings such as handbags, briefcases, etc., outside the library entrance, on your own responsibility. The library disclaims any liability for loss or damage
  • After reading, leave books on the table Please do not shelve the books.
  • Complete silence should be observed except for brief and subdued talk with the library staff
  • Drinks and eatables are not allowed in the library.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the library.
  • Keep your mobiles Silent within the library premises.

Circulation Policy:

  1. Relationship forms separately designed for faculty and Research, Staff and Students form contains a declaration of intention to obey the rules of the Library and to pay any fines or charges which may be incurred through their infringement.
    • Fellows of the University; Members of the Teaching Staff of the University and University Research Fellows, Research Associates and Research Assistants can get ITU membership.
    • Under Graduate and Graduate and Ph.D. Students of the University shall deposit a security of Rs.5000/ which will be refunded on return of books and settlement of dues, if any.
    • Such other applicants who are permitted for special reasons to be recorded by the Library Committee without having to made a deposit.
  2.  A Card known as the Borrower’s card will be issued to each of the persons permitted to draw books from the Library. Such cards shall be strictly “non-transferable”, and shall have to be presented at the counter at the time of drawing or returning books, etc. A borrower, who loses his card, shall at once inform the Chief Librarian in writing. A duplicate card will be issued to him on payment of a fee of Rs. 1000/-
    • Provided that no book will be issued to a student member unless he/she presents his/her Borrower’s Card in person.
    • Library cards of all borrowers other than those of confirmed University employees shall be renewed every year.
    • Undergraduates and Graduates from other intuitions may obtain the special written permission of the Chief Librarian to use library for specific period.
    • A under-graduate student will be entitled to have in his possession at one time not more than three books for two weeks. Same conditions shall apply for graduate students to have in his possession not more than five books for one month.
    • Provided that a whole-time University Professor, Associate Professor and Assistant Professor may have in his possession a maximum number of 10 books at one time and may return these within a period of 4 months from the date of their issue.
    • The books purchased through any project shall be property of ITU Library and will be issued to project head till project life. All books will be returned to library at the expiry of project.
    • sub-lending books drawn from the Library on Borrower card to any other person shall not be allowed.
    • Books prescribed by the Information Technology University for various examinations will not be issued without the special permission of the Chief Librarian. These when borrowed, must be Returned as soon as the vacation is over.
    • A fine of [Rs.50/-] per volume per day will be [charged for an ordinary book] in case books are retained longer than the period prescribed for each category of borrowers. The fine will in all cases be calculated from the date on which the books should have been returned.
    • Provided that in the case of the text-books, current periodicals and books issued with the special permission of the Chief Librarian, the fine shall be [Rs.100/- ] per volume per day.
    • Provided further that a borrower’s right to draw books from the Library may be suspended during the period he does not return overdue books or pay the amount due from him.
    • Provided also that the roll numbers of such student’s borrowers as fail to return the university library books or pay their dues shall be sent to Authorities, Controller Examinations for suspension of student status.
    • Books not returned on due date laid down under the Regulations and reported to the have been lost, shall be paid for immediately on the expiry of the prescribed limit of time, and his amount shall in no case be refundable. The amount payable to the Library shall be determined by the Chief librarian.
    • The Chief Librarian may, at his discretion reduce or remit the delay fine incurred by a borrower.
    • A security deposited under any of the foregoing Regulation shall lapse to the university if it remains unclaimed for a period of one year from the date on which a borrower ceases to be a member of the Library.
  3. All the employees including permanent, contractual visiting faculty & staff shall have to take library clearance before relieving from duties and final clearance of dues/salaries.
  4. All the undergraduate and graduate students shall have to get library clearance for issuance of
    Transcript/degree or migration/NOC certificate.

Library Fines

To encourage timely return of library materials and to provide optimal sharing of the collections, fines are charged for overdue items. Borrowers are responsible for returning or renewing items by the due date. If items are not returned within the due date, fines will be charged from the first overdue day, at the following rates.

  • Overdue General Books: Rs.10 per book per day
  • Course Reserve: This material is issued for three hours only. If the material is not returned within the allocated time, a fine of Rs.50/- for each extra hour will be charged.
  • Lost Books: In case of loss or damage, the student will be charged three times the current price of the item.

Disciplinary Fine

The Library Committee has approved fine for those students who violate the library code of conduct for maintaining silence and discipline in the library. Rs. 500 are charged on first time violation, Rs. 1,000 on second time violation. If a patron continues the violation, the case could be referred to ITU Library Committee.

Book Lost or Replacement Charges

In case of loss of library book or any other material the patron will be charged three times the current price of the item plus the processing charges. The patron can also provide a replacement copy to the library. In this case the patron will only be charged for processing charges. If you accumulate a fine of over five thousand in your account, your library membership privileges will be automatically blocked by the system.

Payment of Fines or book lost charges

Payment of fines and other library charges is simple. All type of fines can be paid at Punjab Bank at Arfa Software Technology Park Branch. You must present the receipt of the paid fine or charge to the circulation staff so that your library fines are updated accordingly.

Appeal of Library Charges

If you think the library has made an error or if you have a special situation that made it difficult for you to return or renew materials on time, you may file an appeal. After thorough investigation charges may be upheld, reduced or waived off. Appeals must be filed within one week of billing of any charge. You can send an email at or you can give an application addressing the Chief Librarian in hard format.