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The library has a variety of collections both in print and electronic formats. The key collections are:

General Collection

This is the main collection comprising high quality selective books related to the ITU academic program. The major areas are, Computer Sciences, Computer Engineering, Electronics, Humanities and Social Sciences, English & Urdu literature etc.

Reference Collection

A significant number of current reference sources are available in the library. Various electronic databases including micro data-sets produced by various data gathering agencies are distinct feature of the collection. This collection also contains dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, yearbooks, atlases and bibliographies.

Course Reserves

The library has a collection of course reserves offered during previous years. These course reserves have been developed by the faculty to fulfill the textual/course needs of the students. Soft format of these course reserves are also available on ITU portal.

Electronic Resources

The library has access to a wide range of electronic resources including e-databases, access to more than 35,000 e-journals and e-books accessible from the library terminals.

ITU Digital Library

Library owns a significant number of digital resources. An institutional repository/digital library has been established to provide full text online access to library’s digital resources including electronic books, faculty research, student projects and presentations.